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Reisehjerte is a Norwegian travel blog for Norwegian/Scandinavian travelers. Reisehjerte shares personal travel stories from all over the world, with a focus on local experiences, responsible travel, culture, activities and motorcycle travel. 

Reisehjerte was launched fall 2017, and information about audience and key numbers will be available on request after a period of data collection.

My background

  • I have been blogging about travel since 2007,  on my Norwegian blog Reisehjerte since 2017. 
  • I am educated in UX design and journalism, holds a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (level 5 EQF) and I am certified according to Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ).
  • I currently work as a senior communication advisor and web editor in a public science and research institute
  • I was previously working with research and microbiology and holds a Master degree in food safety and microbiology
  • Professionally moved from scientific research to digital communication after a gap year where I combined studying journalism with living in Ghana.

Why work with Reisehjerte?

  • Brands and destinations will reach the Norwegian travel audience (see more about the Norwegian audience further down)
  • You will reach an audience who is concerned about nature, green and responsible travel and who visits the blog to find inspiration about travel destinations and quality travel products
  • Travel experiences and products are communicated through storytelling and personal experiences, written in an SEO friendly way
  • Reisehjerte is always open-minded, respectful, culturally sensitive and aims to showcase the unique aspects of destinations and experiences

How can we collaborate?

  • Press-, FAM- and blog trips
  • Product tests and reviews
  • Sponsored content
  • Social media/blog campaigns
  • Written content and photography for your own channels
  • Advising service in content production, social media and blogging

For all collaborations, a written agreement (E-mail or signed contract) should be made and accepted by both parts.

Collaboration policy

  • Reisehjerte prefers collaboration partners who support green and responsible travel and lifestyle.
  • Reisehjerte does not support or collaborate with businesses that show disrespect for race and culture, or who are related to hunting or unethical treatment of animals.
  • All sponsored content, travels and products will be clearly marked with a disclosure according to Norwegian marketing laws.

Contact if you want to discuss collaborations.

Previous collaborations and references

Reisehjerte is a new travel blog, but I have previously worked with several partners through my English blog Taste of Slow, and Reisehjerte also present content from some of those collaborations. Contact me for specific reference articles and campaigns. 

The Norwegian audience

Norwegians travel a lot, and this is some key numbers of how they travel, and what inspires them when choosing destination and activities.

According to the study, Norwegians will spend in avarage around 40 000 NOK for travel and vacation in 2019.

Vacation plans
68% plan to have a summer vacation, and 78% plan at least one or more weekend trips. In addition people plan vacation for winter (24%), Easter (37%) and Christmas (32%). In addition 26% plan to have vacation outside the regular school vacations.

Travel plans
60% of the people who attended the survey planned to spend their vacation abroad. An increasing number plan to pursue personal interests during their vacation and travel plans. 

Inspirational sources
More than 50% are inspired by family, friends and acquaintances when planning their vacation. More than 40% are inspired by online reviews, and more than 30% are inspired by travel articles (unspecified if online or offline).

Source: Reisepuls 2019